Fire & Flood Training House

With our state of the art training facility our teams will be able to quickly assess the most effective restoration methods which will help us to pass on efficiencies to our customers and their policyholders, ensuring consistency of approach and delivery of our services.

Practice Makes Perfect

We strive to keep our staff and franchisees up to date with the latest techniques and practices in fire and flood restoration. That’s why at our national training centre in Mansfield, we have Europe's largest purpose built fire and flood training house to provide training on restoration techniques for Rainbow and ISS Restoration personnel.

The facility offers practical hands-on training and provides an invaluable resource in developing skills and knowledge for 500 technicians across the Rainbow and ISS Restoration UK network.

There is no better way to gain both relevant and realistic training. So you know when you choose Rainbow - you’re choosing the best.

fire and flood training house

Inside the house

Each of the bungalow's three rooms has been designed for a set purpose. One is for flooding floors, walls and cavities. Another room has been designed for dealing with odours. The third room has been constructed to enable smoke damage restoration training across contents and buildings. Training in the house helps to develop skills by practising in a real time environment.

The property is designed with different wall and floor construction types including concrete, brick, bison beams, timber, conventional cavities and floating floors, to enable training techniques to be acquired for any construction type.

Each area in the bungalow can be selected for wetting, including the demonstration of hot water in under floor pipes for leak detection examinations. There are overhead systems installed for making sure there is water in the wall cavities, especially behind the rendered walls.

It is also possible to demonstrate ‘Pre Incident Condition’ issues as well as potential fraud in the flood house as there are purposely built problems in the construction, such as covered airbricks and missing roof tiles.

Rainbow & ISS Restoration’s training facilities and initiatives have been developed in collaboration with the standards set by both the British Damage Management Association’s (BDMA) PAS 64:2013 code of practice and ISS’ corporate programme.

“The investment made in this purpose built training facility shows real commitment and is a testament to the continued drive for excellence embodied within Rainbow International and ISS which is commendable in today's competitive market place.”

- Chris Netherton, MD of The National Flood School and Technical Author of PAS64:2013

“On behalf of the BDMA I’d like to congratulate ISS on your new concept, and trust this establishment will do more to further evidence, to a wider insurance industry audience, that damage management and restoration has a great deal to offer, and can afford significant value within the property claims arena.”

- Jonathan Davidson, Strategic Development Director, BDMA


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