Holiday Homes Across the Country Empty During Lockdown

Holiday Homes left empty across the UK

Due to the unprecedented lockdown as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many owners across the UK have found themselves with holiday homes and cottages standing empty for an extended period of time, these homes are susceptible to mould, damp, and water damage as well as potential contamination by the Covid-19 virus itself. 

Some Owners have offered their vacant properties to NHS key workers and some Airbnb owners have tried to circumvent this with the offer of coronavirus isolation retreats, but following a media outcry Airbnb quickly banned these types of listing.

In addition, many second home and holiday home owners who have taken advantage of their second home as a safe haven for the duration of the lockdown have found their main home empty for an unprecedented period of time.

If you have a second home, holiday home or are worried that your main residence may become unhygienic unsafe or even contaminated during this time, we can help you to keep your property clean, safe, and damage free during this time. 

Holiday Home Cleaning Services During Lockdown

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, many UK homes, particularly holiday homes, have been left empty and are susceptible to mould, damp, and water damage as well as potential contamination by the Covid 19 virus itself.  

At Rainbow International, we offer a huge range of deep cleaning and decontamination that can not only restore your floors, ceilings, walls and surfaces after having mould, damp and water damage as well as severe fire or flood damages, but can help to prevent water damage by tracing leaks before they become issues. 

Deep Cleaning For Holiday Homes

Whether it’s a source of income, or a loved family holiday destination, our deep cleaning experts give you peace of mind that your property is hygenic, and free of mould and other signs of damage or rot, including black mould. This includes holiday lets and airbnb properties that would normally be inhabited by a series of people and cleaned intermittently. 

Anti Virus Home Cleaning

Our highly trained teams of deep cleaning and decontamination experts operate around the UK, and are available to provide cleaning services for holiday homes, airbnb residences and holiday lets during and after the covid-19 lockdown period. This helps you to ensure that your holiday home or letting property is safe and virus free when you’re able to start using it again. If you think you require antivirus cleaning in your home, our teams can be with you in a matter of hours with our emergency call out services. 

For more information on deep cleaning, and leak detection in holiday homes in the UK, and emergency or non emergency anti virus cleaning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team or find our nearest branch to you.