Commercial Restoration and Cleaning services

Ready to get your organisation’s property up to standard? Gain peace of mind that your space is ready for business with our commercial restoration and cleaning services.

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Expert Commercial Restoration

When it comes to the everyday headaches of running a commercial property, health and hygiene standards are often at the forefront. Your space must fulfil high levels of cleanliness, above and beneath the surface – anything less could lead to the temporary, or permanent, closure of your business.

If you’re desperate to get your building up to scratch or want to ensure it never dips below your high standards, then let us put your mind at rest. Our commercial cleaning services are designed to ensure your premises remain hygienic and in top-notch condition, so you can focus on your other important demands.

With the latest cleaning technology and stringent risk assessment protocols, you can be sure that, when Rainbow International is finished, your building will be as clean – if not cleaner – than when you first stepped foot in it. We understand that cleanliness levels could make or break your reputation, so our cleaning teams ensure nothing is left to chance.

What’s more, our teams come with decades of experience, ensuring our services are vast and flexible. Whatever your space requires, Rainbow can adapt to your needs and get your commercial space ready for business.

Why choose Rainbow International?

Rainbow has been supplying commercial cleaning  and restoration services in the UK since 1987. We appreciate that cleanliness and hygiene are areas that cannot be compromised. So, by leveraging our expertise, we’ll reduce the risk of health and safety breaches while ensuring the specific needs of your space are met – all the while minimising downtime to keep your business functioning whenever possible.

For Results

Our technicians go beyond standard cleaning expectations because we know the future of your business could depend on it. Whether you choose us for a routine deep clean or damage restoration, we’ll help ensure the health and safety of your staff, clients and customers.

For Reliability

When you choose us, you can be sure you’re in safe hands. All of our restoration and cleaning services are fully insured and guaranteed and are used by many major insurance companies in the UK when unfortunate accidents or disasters occur.

For Flexibility

Need us to work out of hours? No problem! We offer flexible appointment times to suit you – including evenings and weekends. We’re also available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on our national helpline: 01623 422488.

Other sectors we work in

We don’t just provide commercial cleaning services. We also offer domestic cleaning and house restoration services, as well as medical cleaning solutions for healthcare organisations, local authorities and educational facilities.

To learn more about the other sectors we work in, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Commercial Restoration and Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

You can decide whether or not this is a good idea depending on the size and nature of your business.

If you only have a small space and very few employees, you might prefer to undertake all cleaning yourself. However, it is important to include your workers in this decision, as some may not feel comfortable undertaking these duties if they are not part of their contract.

They may also have heavy workloads – and cleaning and tidying may result in other jobs being held up.

What’s more, if your business premises are large or complex, if the work was undertaken there is likely to create dirt or contaminants on a considerable scale, or if there are inherent risks that could be bypassed by using a professional, then hiring a company may be the right choice.

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