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How Kitchen Pods Make It Possible To Live At Home Whilst Fire And Flood Restoration Work Is Ongoing

How Kitchen Pods Make It Possible To Live At Home Whilst Fire And Flood Restoration Work Is Ongoing

One of the worst things about experiencing a fire or flood is the upheaval of moving away from your home. Not only does it mean up-rooting your family and moving to an alternative location, often away from workplaces and schools, it can also increase the logistical complications of needing to spend time onsite to coordinate the clean-up.

It’s not always the whole property that’s affected either. A fire that may have started in the kitchen, may only affect the kitchen. An integral part of the house, and a place that you need to keep clean and tidy, but not the whole home.

For these situations, Rainbow offers an alternative accommodation option that enables you to stay living in your home, whilst still enjoying a hygienic and fully serviced food preparation space.

Kitchen pods are small, portacabin-like units, that come fully equipped with all your kitchen essentials, so you can continue to sleep in your bedroom, relax in your living room, and cook and prepare food onsite, despite any clean-up work that may be taking place.

The pods are designed with simple installation in mind. The electrical supply is via 13 amp plugs which can be connected to most standard plug sockets.

Kitchen pods contain a cooker and an oven, a washing machine and a fridge, and also provide a water supply that runs off an external tap.  And if you don’t have an external tap available, our teams will be able to install one for you.

Each pod can fit into a standard car parking space and can be delivered to, or collected from, any UK mainland address within just 3 working days.  Once delivered, our teams will be able to connect up your pod to the water, waste and electricity supplies quickly and easily.


Alternative accommodation bathroom pod

If it’s your bathroom that is out of action, bathroom pods are also available that connect to your utilities in the same way, for ultimate convenience.

You can get on with life as you know it, in a place you know, whilst we get to grips with restoring your fire- or flood-damaged property.

With more than 60 branches across the UK, there’s bound to be a Rainbow branch near you that have the trained staff to carry out fire or flood restoration in the most convenient way possible for you and your family. You can find your nearest branch on our website, or give us a call on our 24/7 helpline 01623 422 488, 365 days of the year.


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