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How to Clean Patio Slabs: Tips from the Pros

How to Clean Patio Slabs: Tips from the Pros

First impressions are everything, which is why you need to know how to clean your patio. For homeowners, a patio area can welcome your guests, keep your garden tidy, and even increase the value of your home. But only if it’s clean.

Thankfully, there are a number of methods to keep your patio slabs free from grime. They include using:

  • Washing up liquid with warm water
  • White vinegar
  • A pressure washer or power washer

Read on to discover how you can breathe a little life back into your exterior with our guide on cleaning patio slabs.

3 Essential Techniques for Cleaning Paving Slabs

There are three techniques we recommend for cleaning your patio. Some require items you may already have around the home, and some may require a little investment into cleaning tools.

1. Soapy water

If you’ve got delicate patio paving, there’s no better way to remove stains than with washing up liquid and warm water. Start by decluttering your garden space. Then, fill a bucket with clean water, mix it with the soap, and pour it over the affected area. After that, pick up a bristled brush and start scrubbing.

2. White vinegar

Looking for an eco alternative to removing stubborn stains? White vinegar is non-toxic and, thanks to its acidic nature, can lift grime. This quality can damage your plants and furniture, however, so do be sure to clear your garden space before spraying it. In fact, vinegar is often used as a homemade weed killer for this very reason.

3. Power or pressure washing

A pressure washer or power washer is by far the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, helping remove dried cement and other tougher materials. You’ll find you need little else to bring back the original colours of your paving area, but again, there is a balance to strike between effective steam or water pressure and protecting your block paving.

Our Top Tips for Cleaning Your Patio

If you’re using a power washer, be wary of damaging your paving. For driveways with patterns or mosaic surfaces, you’re best doing a few test sprays before attempting to clean the entire area. Work at a good range and a shallow angle while moving in a diagonal motion across the paving. This avoids parallel washing of the joints which could damage the cement pointing.

If you’re tempted to clean stained slabs with bleach, be wary of using it on soft or natural stone or around your plants. The alkaline base of the substance is corrosive and can do damage to both. It’s for this reason that washing up liquid is the preferred patio cleaner, or white vinegar if that is not effective.

Our final tip is to factor in the season you’re cleaning in. Spring, for example, is a good time to conduct a thorough clean as you can check the joints between the paving slabs post-winter. Likewise, if you regularly brush the fallen leaves and other organic matter from your patio in autumn, you can prevent staining and give yourself an easier job next year.

How Rainbow International can help

We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to stay on top of their exterior. Pressure washers are expensive, and other methods are time-consuming. That’s why our team is equipped with the latest in specialist cleaning and restoration technology. Whether your particular patio area requires jet washing or rotary scrubbing, we’ve got you covered.

Our aim is to keep your garden looking its best in a manner that’s most convenient to you. If you would be interested in learning how we can help remove the moss, algae and grime from your patio, please get in touch or find out more on our website.

Published: 21 Apr 2021

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