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Trace And Access Cover Explained

Trace And Access Cover Explained

To deal with a dreaded leak in your home, look no further than a trace and access company. But what exactly is trace and access leak detection, and how does it differ from regular water leak detection? The key word here is access. After all, once you locate the source, you’ll need to repair it to prevent any further water damage.

The good news is that this kind of service could be covered by your insurance company. In this blog, we explain how – as well as what you can expect when you hire specialists like us.

What is trace and access cover?

Trace and access cover is a type of insurance cover relating to water leaks in the home. With trace and access included in your policy, you can make an insurance claim to cover the costs associated with the additional work needed following leak detection.

What does trace and access cover include?

  • Detecting the source of a water leak
  • Exposing the leak in order to access it
  • Restoration and recovery for damage caused in the access process

What doesn’t it cover?

Not everyone realises that trace and access cover doesn’t always cover the actual repair of the water leak. Most insurers exclude this as it’s classed as maintenance, so it’s worth double-checking the wording in your policy.
Once detected and exposed, repairing the leak is often dealt with independently – either by the same trace and access company or a preferred plumber.

What should I do if I have a water leak?

To prevent further leakage and potential damage, you should firstly turn off your water supply. Then, alert your insurer and contact a professional to locate the source of the leak.

Finding the leak is the hard part. In some cases, the location is visible to the naked eye. But more commonly, you’ll have a hidden water leak requiring specialist support.

What is involved in Rainbow’s trace and access service?

Here at Rainbow International, we use a range of specialist equipment to carry out our expert leak detection services. This includes:

Thermal imaging

This non-invasive method uses specialist cameras to locate temperature differences in your pipes – including those hidden in subfloors, which is a common location for a heating leak.

Acoustic testing

Acoustic and electro-acoustic listening devices allow our specialists to amplify, filter and process the sound of a buried or insulated leaking pipe.

Tracer gas

This more hands-on approach involves draining all water from the system before inserting completely safe tracer gas (made up of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen) into the pipes.

Pipe tracing

If thermal imaging cameras fail, pipe tracing may be necessary. This involves using high-frequency detectors to locate hidden pipes and detect the leak.

How Rainbow International can help

Rainbow International are leak detection specialists, and we’ve delivered expert trace and access services since 1987. With our experience, expertise and specialist equipment, you can be safe in the knowledge that your water leak will be located and accessed efficiently. What’s more, we’ll restore any resulting damage with minimal downtime to your property.

We can even complete the actual leak repair after exposing the source – just say the word. Learn more about our all-round service here.

Frequently asked questions

Do trace and access services include repair?

Leak repair is not often covered in a trace and access service. However, some trace and access providers, like Rainbow International, offer this for an additional fee.

What’s the difference between trace and access and leak detection?

Leak detection is generally a standalone service, involving pinpointing the source of a leak. Trace and access goes two steps further by exposing the leak and restoring any damage caused from the exposure. This is often included in house or building insurance.

How long does the process of trace and access take?

The length of the process depends on how difficult the leak is to locate. Specialist equipment and personnel can speed this up.

Is trace and access cover worth it?

Water leaks are not uncommon and, without trace and access cover, the price of locating and exposing them (as well as restoring any damage) would need to be paid by you. That’s why many people choose to include this cover in their home insurance policy.

Published: 19 Jan 2022

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