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Prepare Your Pipes For Winter

Prepare Your Pipes For Winter

Reducing The Risk Of A Burst Water Pipe

Escape of water is the most common household insurance claim made during the winter months, accounting for just under ¼ of all domestic property insurance claims in 2014.

Ask anyone who has ever tried to get a plumber at short notice in the middle of winter and they’ll tell you that leaving pipework exposed is a risky business. A drop in temperature can cause the water in pipes to freeze, expanding and increasing the pressure within the pipe, causing frozen pipe damage and an [escape of water] once the pipe thaws out. The good news is, with some careful planning, you can seriously reduce the risk of a burst water pipe.

5 ways you can protect your pipes from bursting:

  1. Review your pipework in the loft, garage and outside areas, such as garden taps and pipes and make sure all exposed pipework is thoroughly lagged to avoid pipes freezing.
  2. If you are going away, leave your heating on low to protect internal pipework from freezing. The Association of British Insurers recommend heating your home at regular intervals at 12-15ۜ°. Even better, if you are going away for long periods during the winter months, you could turn the water off at the mains, then drain the water in your system, limiting the damage an escape of water could cause.
  3. If you have a condensing boiler, keep an eye on the drain pipes as these usually protrude out of the property.
  4. Service your boiler regularly to ensure it is working well. Being able to heat the home during the coldest months is essential to keeping pipes safe. You can find a qualified gas safe engineer here on the Gas Safe Register.
  5. Caulk holes in and around pipes that are vulnerable in external cupboards and cabinets to seal them and reduce the cold air seeping in to the unit. Also ensure all hidden external pipework is thoroughly lagged.

Prepare for all eventualities

Keep the number of a good plumber and a good cleaning company that specialise in escape of water restoration work to hand so you aren’t scrabbling around to find recommendations in an emergency.

Rainbow International’s specialists in escape of water restoration will return your insured property to its pre-incident condition, promptly, reliably, cost effectively and with the care and attention to detail you’d expect from the best.

With 70 branches across the UK, we’re bound to have a branch near you – on average there is a Rainbow International branch just 23 miles from any postcode in the UK.

Call our 24/7 national helpline on 01623 422488 or use our branch finder.


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