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How To Check If Your Property Is At Risk Of Flooding

How To Check If Your Property Is At Risk Of Flooding

This week, parts of the UK saw more rainfall in one day than they could typically expect in the whole month of June. With a rising water table, and higher sea levels, more properties are at risk of flooding than ever before.

If you’ve owned your property a while, you might be confident that your property is safe from flooding, but if you’ve just moved into a new property, or if you’ve noticed changes in water drainage in your area over recent years, there are ways you can check on your property’s risk of flooding.

Whilst ignorance may be bliss when it comes to flooded properties, having a heads up can give you a chance to reduce any damage. Here are 5 ways you can check whether your property is prone to flooding.


  1. A simple postcode check here will tell you where the nearest rivers and waterways are, and will enable you to see where the river level has been, and how that compares to its all-time-high water level.
  2. You can see whether your area has any flood warnings or weather warnings on it by entering a town or city here.
  3. An easy address search on the government website will tell you how likely your actual address is to become flooded.
  4. If you aren’t online, you can find out about the risk of flooding in your area by calling Floodline, the UK’s flood warning service, on 0345 988 1188. Before you call, check the call charges with your telephone network provider.
  5. Or, if you’re too busy to go chasing information, you can sign up to receive flood warnings by phone, email or text message if your business is at risk of flooding.

Of course, if you know there’s a chance your property can flood, there are some things you can do to minimise the risk to your home or business premises. One of these is to ensure that you have essential documents to hand, and that they’re up to date.

Rainbow International have specialists trained in flooding remediation who can remove flood water from your property. In our blog ‘What to do if your property suffers water damage’, we explain more about how Rainbow’s team of flood remediation specialists can help get you back to living or working in your flood-damaged property quickly. With over 60 branches nationwide, and a 24-hour helpline, our specialists are just one phone call away.


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