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How To Clean Your Barbecue Safely For Delicious Family Food

How To Clean Your Barbecue Safely For Delicious Family Food

It’s June and, whilst in some homes the barbecue season is just beginning, for others, it’s already in full swing. Whatever your outdoor cooking style is, it’s important to barbecue safely.

The promise of crispy chicken wings, chargrilled veg and sizzling sausages is simply irresistible on a long, hot summer day, but the thought of scrubbing that grill afterwards, spraying the inside of your kitchen with washing up liquid and dirty water, can put a dampener on the experience.

However, food poisoning equally doesn’t appeal.

Everyone has a different way to clean their barbecue, but how should you get your barbecue hygienically clean, with as little scrubbing and kitchen destruction as possible?

Weber, leading manufacturer of barbecue grills, recommend brushing the grill (or, as they call them, flavouriser bars) with a wire brush before wiping it over with warm soapy water. Interestingly, they recommend a bucket of warm soapy water – maybe this is a good way to protect the paintwork in your kitchen!

Ideal Home takes a slightly different approach to cleaning your barbecue safely. They suggest that you first heat your barbecue on high. This burns off much of the remnants of food left on your grill. Once it’s nice and hot, turn off the gas (if you have a gas barbecue) and cover the grill with (generously) soaked old newspaper. Close the grill and leave this for half an hour. The steam will make it easier to remove any caked-on food and grease. After half an hour, remove the newspaper and set about your grill with a metal scrubbing brush. If you don’t have a grill brush, they recommend using a screwed-up ball of aluminium foil instead.

To protect your grill from food becoming burnt on in future, coat your grill with sunflower oil before you start cooking and keep a long-handled metal wire brush to hand so you can scrape off any food that becomes stuck whilst you are cooking, and while the grill is still hot.

Whether you choose to use soapy water or not is your choice, but never cook your food on a dirty grill.

Of course, food hygiene isn’t the only thing to think about when it comes to cooking on a barbecue safely. Remember, barbecues can be dangerous and can cause house fires, balcony fires or fires in grassland.

You can read more about how to barbecue safely to avoid a household fire in our blog ‘How to BBQ safely this summer’.

If you do find yourself a victim of a house fire or balcony fire, the Rainbow fire restoration team can remedy any fire damage and carry out fire damage cleaning to get you back into your home quickly. With over 60 Rainbow branches around the UK, and a 24-hour helpline, specialist help is just one call away when you need it.


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