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House fire remediation: the most common causes of fire and other surprising stats on house fires

In September the government released their detailed report on calls attended by the Fire and Rescue Service during the year April 2018 to March 2019.

Some of the statistics are quite surprising. We’ve pulled a few of the more interesting stats out and displayed these in the below infographic.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate the risk of a fire in your home, however if you want to limit the amount of damage that a fire can do to your home, it’s best to install a mains-powered fire alarm. 38% of battery-powered smoke alarms failed in a fire situation, compared to only 21% of mains-powered smoke alarms.

A fire alarm was present and raised the alarm in 43% of dwelling fires throughout the year, but in 57% of dwelling fires where a loss of life resulted, there was no fire alarm installed, or the fire alarm failed to activate.

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