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The Advantages of the Pure Water Pole and Reach Window Cleaning System.

Although the water that comes out of your taps looks clean, it actually is not. It will contain a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals - the amount if which is dependant on whether you live in a hard or soft water area. The majority of these minerals are calcium and magnesium and these are what are responsible for leaving the white residue that is often found on glass.


The water purification system that we use de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produces pure water.


The pure water pole and reach system is the best system to clean windows for several reasons:


  • Water, once purified strives to return to it's original impure condition, during this process it absorbs the dirt particles from the glass - giving us a much cleaner result
  • Pure water is better for the environment - because of the strength once purified, it is not necessary to use any chemicals or cleaning agents. This also has an obvious cost benefit
  • Once the water has been purified (had all chemicals and minerals deposits removed) there is no need to have to rinse the glass after cleaning, resulting in a perfect streak free finish
  • Using water fed poles means we are able to access upper windows without the need for climbing up or down ladders - this has many health and safety benefits
Window Cleaning pole reach system
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