Air Manager

Advanced technology providing complete odour and smoke control

Following a domestic or commercial fire, soot and smoke residue can leave a nasty smell that can linger for weeks, even months if left untreated.

In addition, there are many unpleasant odours that are commonplace in certain industries and situations.  The odour can be eradicated, but unless the root cause is identified and eliminated the odour will return and cause distress to the people having to live or work in the environment.

The new, technologically advanced Air ManagerTM system is now available for all applications in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, providing users with the facility to eradicate odours and remove smoke and soot particles.

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The process combines exceptionally advanced technology, which includes high-efficiency filters, rapid air movement and 99% removal of all particulates (0.01 micron and above) per passage.

The odour and smoke is driven through the filters by high efficiency fans, into a contained forced ozone chamber that together achieve a complete eradication of smoke and odours, rather than just mask it.

 The units are simple to install, require minimal maintenance, have low running costs and are completely safe and environmentally friendly.  The system will also achieve a 99.99% kill of airborne bacteria, moulds and viruses.

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